Jack Koets


About Jack:

On my way to church one day, my friend had solved a cube right in front of me...I scrambled it multiple times for him... and he solved it every time.   I was impressed.  later that night, talking with my dad, he then went into his closet of old stuff and pulled out the most "archaic cube I still have even seen" to this day.  I could get ONE side... but the rest stumped me.  My dad then got me to understand the first 2 layers.  but I was on my own from there.  so I went back to my friend, and he agreed to show me the rest!   after many times practicing, I could finally do it.   it was then a passion, and I think I watched about 100 YouTube videos that gave me advise.   My starting solve time 2:12 seconds... And from there - I got competitive, and back and forth into challenges with my friend.  we BOTH got way better.  the time to beat was 47 seconds.  he beat me with a 44 sec time.  it took 2 weeks to get it below that.   It was my dad that encouraged me to enter into a competition.  I was elated at the 36 Sec time I got there - and I met a Lot of people.  then... My dad starting handing me cubes … 2x2's 4x4s, pyraminx, 5x5, skewb and so many more and challenged me  to solve each of them... it became my thing.  you know that THING we all just do!     The journey is still going on, solving all kinds of puzzles,   I'm sub 20 Sec now and still going!  See you at Competitions!