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Luke Batema

Lukas Batema is a 15 year old. His main events are, 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 3x3x3 OH, Pyra, and Skewb. He averages 5.86 seconds on 2x2x2. On 3x3x3, he averages 25.72 seconds. For OH, he averages 1:55.48 minutes. For Pyraminx, his average is 15.79 seconds. Finally his average for skewb is 20.95 seconds. Some fun facts are, he has solved a 7x7x7 OH, in around 33 minutes, and has OH solved it multiple times. Also, he has solved an 8x8x8 OH as well. He solved it in around 50 minutes, and has solved it OH more than once. Here is his cubing story...

I was doing a group project at school about cubing, and when we got to pick partners, I wanted to do it all by myself. There were some non-cubers in that class, obviously, and they of course wanted to be apart of the project with me. Being the nice person, that I am, I said yes. Keep in mind, these are non-cubers we are talking about. When we started working on the project, I had to teach them a lot on the different brands of cubing, because we were doing a project on the "Most Popular Cubing Brands". You would probably expect them to know nothing about them, but from them being around me a lot, they have pucked up a few things, ordinary non-cubers do not have the brain capacity to understand. Anyways, Later in the project, near the end, the were basically so knowledgeable, that they were cubers, whom could not cube. In the end, I recieved an "A" for that project, and they wanted me to teach them how to solve one, and have been teaching them since. As a side note, they still do not understand notation, after over a year. Apparently, they are still just non-cubers. Very knowldegeable non-cubers, that is.